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Dr. Angel's Almond Protein, 50gr

Αlmonds are an excellent source of protein, dietary fiber, calcium, potassium and magnesium.

€10.37  €7.54 Ex Tax: €6.08

Dr. Angel's Dandelion, 50gr

Ideal for toning and detoxifying the body.

€10.37  €7.54 Ex Tax: €6.08

Dr. Angel's Brocolli, 50gr

Broccoli contains many nutrients which are needed for numerous functions in the body.

€16.02  €13.19 Ex Tax: €10.64

Dr. Angel's Alfa Alfa, 50gr

It is a rich source of numerous vitamins and minerals.

€8.48  €5.65 Ex Tax: €4.56

Dr. Angel's Beetroot Powder, 50gr

Beetroot powder contains a various amount of health benefits for the body.

€11.31  €8.48 Ex Tax: €6.84

Dr. Angel's Baobab, 50gr

Super-nutritious vacuum that discovers every different of vitamins and minerals.

€10.37  €7.54 Ex Tax: €6.08

Dr. Angel's Astragalus Powder, 50gr

Strengthening the Immune System.

€10.37  €7.54 Ex Tax: €6.08

Dr. Angel's Acai Berry Powder, 50gr

Rich in antioxidants that protect the cardiovascular system and help in weight loss.

€9.42  €8.48 Ex Tax: €6.84

Dr. Angel's Blueberry Powder, 50gr

Antioxidant-rich, high fiber and nutrient-dense powder .

€29.76  €27.28 Ex Tax: €22.00

Dr. Angel's Cordyseps Powder, 50gr

The potential health benefits are promising.

€22.32  €17.36 Ex Tax: €14.00

Dr Angel's Reishi Powder, 50gr

Reishi mushroom is known for being a powerful immune system booster.

€11.31  €8.48 Ex Tax: €6.84

Dr. Angel's Curcuma, 50gr

Curcuma Powder is a natural source of vitamin C and a powerful antioxidant.

€3.77  €2.83 Ex Tax: €2.28

Dr. Angel's Black Ginger Powder, 40gr

Black ginger is rich in amino acids, selenium, and antioxidants like tannins, anthocyanins , and flavonoids.

€24.50  €20.73 Ex Tax: €16.72

Dr. Angel's Black Carrot Powder, 40gr

Black carrots have  antioxidants and other useful nutrients.

€20.73  €16.96 Ex Tax: €13.68

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