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Dr Angel's Reishi Powder, 50gr

Reishi mushroom is known for being a powerful immune system booster.

€8.48 Ex Tax: €6.84

Dr. Angel's Black Ginger Powder, 40gr

Black ginger is rich in amino acids, selenium, and antioxidants like tannins, anthocyanins , and flavonoids.

€20.73 Ex Tax: €16.72

Guam Legging, Slimming Legging

Guam slimming leggings consist of moisturizing bioactive crystals and microcapsules, thus achieving the release of the action of Guam algae which directly contributes to the fight against cellulite, reducing the points and sculpting the texture and improves the imperfect areas of the body, as well as body elasticity.

Wear it while walking!

-Fights cellulite even in areas where it persists, massaging, regenerating the skin.

€34.30 Ex Tax: €27.66

Dr.Angel's Herbal Tincture Verbena 50ml

Verbena tincture has a diuretic effect and is ideal for weight loss, as it detoxifies the body, and helps increase the rate of metabolism.

€10.84 Ex Tax: €8.74


Demeter's Symposium is the ideal blend of herbs in your quest to lose weight and lose fat. 
It is a mixture of 5 herbs that help you activate your body and start burning fat as it provides you with the necessary energy.

€5.95 Ex Tax: €4.80

Unicorn, Beauty Blend, 100g

An enhancing blend made with organic ingredients designed to support the metabolism and maintain healthy skin!

€21.66 Ex Tax: €17.47

Unicorn, Alkalising Blend, 100g

A cleansing blend made with organic ingredients designed to detoxify the body and stimulate metabolism!

€21.66 Ex Tax: €17.47

Balance Base Drink,14 Sachets

A.Vogel Balance Base Drink contains an optimal combination of alkaline minerals (calcium, magnesium, potassium), zinc, vitamin D3 of plant origin, L + lactic acid and trace elements, while it does NOT contain lactose and gluten making it particularly suitable for vegetarians!

€19.32 Ex Tax: €15.58

DXN LINGZHI, Black Coffee with Ganoderma, 20 sachets, 90gr

Maintain a better physical condition, suitable for those following homeopathy.

€26.41 Ex Tax: €21.30

Nature’s Gold, Fit & Slim Tea, 100g

Control your body weight by drinking Fit & Slim tea!

€5.64 Ex Tax: €4.55

Flavon Joy, Food Supplement 240gr

The Premium class Flavon Joy includes one of the oldest natural treasures. Holding the cohesion gel that is beneficial for bioavailability, we combined the fruit, vegetable and spice ingredients that have strong synergistic interaction enhancing each other's effects. Therefore, it protects and nourishes our body throughout the age group!



€65.96 Ex Tax: €53.19

Flavon Green, Nutritional supplement 240g

Regular vegetable consumption is an important and inevitable part of a healthy diet. Vegetables provide our body with the necessary nutrients, fiber and vitamins and have a beneficial effect on our overall well-being. Flavon Green is a revolutionary product, a true vegetable-eating innovation that reshapes past habits!

€56.53 Ex Tax: €45.59

Flavon Μax, Food supplement, 240gr

The lifestyle of the 21st century, including the increase in daily stress, contaminated environments, and nutritional deficiencies has extremely bad effects in our organisms and bodies. Therefore, our body needs a little "boost" to be able to get off of these negative effects. That's where the Flavon Max nutrition supplement takes place!


€56.53 Ex Tax: €45.59

Flavon Max+, Food Supplement, 240gr

An exclusive product for those whose lifestyles require health protection and consider it to be of the utmost important. Continuous support for adults with demanding mental and physical work!


€65.96 Ex Tax: €53.19

Flavon Green+, Food Supplement, 240gr

Detoxifies, Revitalizes & Nourishes the Body.

Vegetables are a source of phytochemicals necessary for the optimal functioning of our cells, organs, maintaining our health, and improving our quality of life!

€65.96 Ex Tax: €53.19

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