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Omega-3 complex Vegetable source of Ω3 fatty acids

Vegetable source of Ω3 fatty acids.

Ω-3 is an essential daily dietary supplement for everyone.

A.Vogel Ω3 complex is the first and only vegetable mixture of Ω3 fatty acids from flaxseed, which in the presence of microalgae achieves the ideal combination of ALA and DHA.



€18.72 Ex Tax: €15.10

Absolute Energy Increased Performance and Energy 30ml

Absolute Energy is a powerful natural antioxidant in liquid form.

It nourishes, thereby restores the cells of the body and protects them from damage and premature aging.

€58.61 Ex Tax: €47.27



Offers relief to irritated throat symptoms - pain, burning sensation, difficulty swallowing

It enhances the body's natural defense

€10.55 Ex Tax: €8.51

Dr. Angel's Curcuma, 50gr

Curcuma Powder is a natural source of vitamin C and a powerful antioxidant.

€2.83 Ex Tax: €2.28

TERRANOVA Dandelion, Artichoke & Cysteine ​​Complex 50 capsules

Unique combination of dandelion, artichoke, turmeric and other fresh freeze dried herbs with detoxifying and antioxidant properties for the liver.

€27.97 Ex Tax: €22.56

TERRANOVA Green Purity Super-Blend Powder 40gr

Detoxifying combination of fresh freeze dried herbs. Natural detoxification for all organs of the body without causing any loss of nutrients.

€36.75 Ex Tax: €29.64


Hephaestus Fire is a mixture of herbs ideal for smokers. Hephaestus Fire helps to detoxify the body, in expectoration as well as in reducing nervousness.

€5.95 Ex Tax: €4.80

Unicorn, Alkalising Blend, 100g

A cleansing blend made with organic ingredients designed to detoxify the body and stimulate metabolism!

€21.66 Ex Tax: €17.47

Unicorn, Antioxidant Blend, 100gr

A detoxifying blend made with organic ingredients designed to boost immunity and cleanse the body!

€21.66 Ex Tax: €17.47

Spilanthes, Spinach Antifungal, 50ml

Tincture of fresh Spilanthes. Antifungal for skin, nails, Candida, aphthous. Local analgesic!


€12.24 Ex Tax: €9.87

Urtica, Nettle Detoxifier, 50ml

Tincture of fresh Urtica (nettle). Detoxifying uric acid ideal for arthritis, anemia, prostatitis!

€12.24 Ex Tax: €9.87

Herbal Preparation for Treating Urinary Tract Infections with Arctic Grapeand Echinacea, 50ml

Tincture of a combination of fresh herbs: Uva-ursi - Echinacea purpurea (arachnid - echinacea). Treat urinary tract infections in acute phase. Helps maintain the health of the urinary tract and bladder.

€15.07 Ex Tax: €12.15

Vegetable Insant Filtered Coffee without Caffeine from Fruits and Organic Cerials, 100gr

Instant filtered coffee nutrient substitute with 100% natural composition from controlled organic crops. Caffeine-free, suitable for eating at any time of the day. It does not affect the heart, nervous and circulatory system. It has a mild aromatic flavor, as well as a special, nutritious recipe with chicory (millet), figs, wheat, barley malt and acorns!

€6.58 Ex Tax: €5.31

DXN, Black Cumin, 30 caps

Ideal for gastrointestinal, migraine, vertigo, tonsillitis, skin problems & acne!

€22.94 Ex Tax: €18.50

DXN, Black Cumin, 90 caps

Ideal for gastrointestinal, migraine, vertigo, tonsillitis, skin problems & acne!

€60.39 Ex Tax: €48.70

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