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Memory - Concentration
Memory - Concentration



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Omega-3 complex Vegetable source of Ω3 fatty acids

Vegetable source of Ω3 fatty acids.

Ω-3 is an essential daily dietary supplement for everyone.

A.Vogel Ω3 complex is the first and only vegetable mixture of Ω3 fatty acids from flaxseed, which in the presence of microalgae achieves the ideal combination of ALA and DHA.



€18.72 Ex Tax: €15.10

The Bible of Holistic Care

OLON Oasis is the new holistic method that focuses at the effective therapeutic restoration of all levels in a man. The OLON Oasis manual is aimed therapists, self-healers & the general public!

€12.40 Ex Tax: €12.40

DXN Cocozhi, Cocoa Drink Mix with Ganoderma, 500g

New enhanced composition with a stronger cocoa flavor! Cocoa powder premix and Ganoderma extract!

€33.98 Ex Tax: €27.40

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