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Water for Life
Water for Life

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Water for Life Hydroplasma 30ml

By adding only 1 drop of Inyushin's hydroplasma per 1 liter of any liquid in the evening, you will receive water in the morning that is easily and completely absorbed by the body and will be filled with the energy and life of pristine, natural, purest sources of fresh water!

€96.00 Ex Tax: €77.42

Absolute Energy Increased Performance and Energy 30ml

Absolute Energy is a powerful natural antioxidant in liquid form.

It nourishes, thereby restores the cells of the body and protects them from damage and premature aging.

€58.61 Ex Tax: €47.27


G-BIO returns a person to fullness of life, energy, beauty, brightness with the help of active hydroplasma clusters.

€57.00 Ex Tax: €45.97

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