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Women's Health
Women's Health

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Levylites Pentyll Heart - 90 tablets

The food supplement tablets contain grape seed and grape skin, hawthorn and olive leaf extract and grape seed oil

Recommendations for use: 3x1 tablets/day. The tablets should be taken with plenty of fluid before meals.

€119.99 Ex Tax: €96.77

Omega-3 complex Vegetable source of Ω3 fatty acids

Vegetable source of Ω3 fatty acids.

Ω-3 is an essential daily dietary supplement for everyone.

A.Vogel Ω3 complex is the first and only vegetable mixture of Ω3 fatty acids from flaxseed, which in the presence of microalgae achieves the ideal combination of ALA and DHA.



€18.72 Ex Tax: €15.10

DXN Andro-g. 30 caps

Dietary supplement with Andrographida, a medicinal herb for infections, germs and the respiratory system.

€19.47 Ex Tax: €15.70

Himalaya Multipurpose Cream 20gr

Nourishes and soothes skin irritation. The cream is enriched with aloe vera and other soothing ingredients.

€4.04 Ex Tax: €3.26

Water for Life Hydroplasma 30ml

By adding only 1 drop of Inyushin's hydroplasma per 1 liter of any liquid in the evening, you will receive water in the morning that is easily and completely absorbed by the body and will be filled with the energy and life of pristine, natural, purest sources of fresh water!

€96.00 Ex Tax: €77.42

Absolute Energy Increased Performance and Energy 30ml

Absolute Energy is a powerful natural antioxidant in liquid form.

It nourishes, thereby restores the cells of the body and protects them from damage and premature aging.

€58.61 Ex Tax: €47.27


G-BIO returns a person to fullness of life, energy, beauty, brightness with the help of active hydroplasma clusters.

€57.00 Ex Tax: €45.97

Erbozeta Influprop Nasal Spray Cold/Flu, 30 ml

Nasal Spray 30 ml for colds and nasal congestion

€7.53 Ex Tax: €6.07

Allerdep spray nasal spray | 30 ml

For allergic and non-allergic rhinitis (with eosinophilia - Nares or with eosinophils and mast cells - Naresma)
With soothing and decongestant action on the nasal mucosa

Gluten free

€7.87 Ex Tax: €6.35

Gastrodep Syrup for the function of the digestive system, 150ml

A dietary supplement based on plant extracts for the proper functioning of the digestive system. Figs, Chios mastic and licorice enhance the function of the digestive system.

€11.01 Ex Tax: €8.88



Offers relief to irritated throat symptoms - pain, burning sensation, difficulty swallowing

It enhances the body's natural defense

€10.55 Ex Tax: €8.51

Dr. Angel's Almond Protein, 50gr

Αlmonds are an excellent source of protein, dietary fiber, calcium, potassium and magnesium.

€7.54 Ex Tax: €6.08

Dr. Angel's Cordyseps Powder, 50gr

The potential health benefits are promising.

€17.36 Ex Tax: €14.00

Dr Angel's Reishi Powder, 50gr

Reishi mushroom is known for being a powerful immune system booster.

€8.48 Ex Tax: €6.84

Dr. Angel's Curcuma, 50gr

Curcuma Powder is a natural source of vitamin C and a powerful antioxidant.

€2.83 Ex Tax: €2.28

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