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Dolopia Barley With Goat Milk 500gr

Traditional pasta with fresh goat's milk.

€3.58 Ex Tax: €2.89

Amvrosia Gourmet Carrot pate 200gr

Amvrosia Gourmet Carrot pate  

Intense color, nutritious texture and unique talent in tying any kind of sauce.

€2.83  €2.26 Ex Tax: €1.82

Massa, Gum with Mint

Feel the urge to rhythmically open your mouth and enjoy a sugar-free chewing gum made from 100% chewing gum. It's organic composition with Greek stevia and goji berry!

€1.87 Ex Tax: €1.51

VRΟSIS Spread Tahini With Chocolate 220 gr

100% Natural Tahini with chocolate couverture
100% handmade spread

The small pieces of chocolate couverture make this spread irresistible!

€8.11 Ex Tax: €6.54

Dolopia Trachana With Goat Milk (28%) 500gr

A very tasty choice for your table!

€3.96  €3.30 Ex Tax: €2.66

Dolopia tagliatelle with goat milk and eggs

Make delicious recipes with Dolopia tagliatelle with goat milk and eggs for hot and cold dishes that will enchant you!

€3.96  €3.20 Ex Tax: €2.58

Dolopia Noodles With Goat Milk (28%) 500gr

A very tasty choice for your table!


€4.24  €3.30 Ex Tax: €2.66

Dolopia Seafood Barley 500gr

Seafood barley is an impressive looking and flavored pasta. 

€5.56  €5.00 Ex Tax: €4.03

VRΟSIS Spread Tahini With White Chocolate 220g

Tahini with drops of white chocolate a combination for demanding palates that excites our senses. The buttery texture of the chocolate cocoa butter makes this product so special!

€8.11 Ex Tax: €6.54

Dolopia Eggplant Salad with Smoked Tea 350gr

A special eggplant flavor with deep earthy flavor from the smoky tea. 

€4.53 Ex Tax: €3.65

Dolopia Oven Eggplants In Tomato Sauce 330gr

Ripe, sweet aubergines baked in the oven. 

€3.96  €3.30 Ex Tax: €2.66

Dolopia Strippers with porcini 360gr

Light and tasty, ideal for vegetarian dishes !

€3.96  €3.30 Ex Tax: €2.66

Dolopia Strips With Smoked Paprika 360gr

The smoked paprika roll gets its color exclusively from the well-known spice.

€2.83  €2.26 Ex Tax: €1.82

Dolopia Vegetable Barley with Tomato, Carrot & Spinach 500gr

The vegetable barley gives all your dishes color and taste, ideal as an addition to the soup.

€3.96  €3.30 Ex Tax: €2.66

Dolopia Tagliatelle with nettle 360gr

The unique herb, the nettle, is a staple in Dolopia's handmade tagliatelle!

€4.24  €3.48 Ex Tax: €2.81

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