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Aromatic Salt Substitute with Vegetables and Herbs, with tiny ammount of Sodium, 125gr

Suitable for those who are on a low sodium diet. Contains 14 scented herbs and freshly harvested vegetables from controlled organic crops. At the same time, it has Kelp algae as a natural supplement of iodine and celery. Gluten-free, lactose-free and without additional preservatives makes-up for a product suitable for vegans and whatnot!

€3.76 Ex Tax: €3.03

Aromatic Salt with Organic Vegetables and Herbs, 250gr

Aromatic salt with vegetables and herbs. A tasty salt substitute with very low sodium content, with vegetables and herbs.

€5.37 Ex Tax: €4.33

Vegetable Cubes for Soups and Cooking, 8x11gr

Pure vegetable origin suitable for vegans and vegeterians. Certified Ingredients of Controlled Organic Gluten and Glactose Free!

€3.67 Ex Tax: €2.96

Nature's Gold, Origan Oil, 5ml

One of the most effective ethereal oils!

€6.13 Ex Tax: €4.94

Bioagros, Golden Sugar, 500gr

Golden raw cane sugar, ideal for beverages, sweets and pastries!

€1.70 Ex Tax: €1.37

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