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VRΟSIS Spread Tahini With Chocolate 220 gr

100% Natural Tahini with chocolate couverture
100% handmade spread

The small pieces of chocolate couverture make this spread irresistible!

€8.11 Ex Tax: €6.54

Amvrosia Gourmet Carrot pate 200gr

Amvrosia Gourmet Carrot pate  

Intense color, nutritious texture and unique talent in tying any kind of sauce.

€2.26 Ex Tax: €1.82

VRΟSIS Spread Tahini With White Chocolate 220g

Tahini with drops of white chocolate a combination for demanding palates that excites our senses. The buttery texture of the chocolate cocoa butter makes this product so special!

€8.11 Ex Tax: €6.54

Dolopia Eggplant Salad with Smoked Tea 350gr

A special eggplant flavor with deep earthy flavor from the smoky tea. 

€4.53 Ex Tax: €3.65

Dolopia Extra shaguin jam with bergamot 280gr

The saguin in combination with bergamot gives a burst of flavor and a strong aromatic jam.

€4.53 Ex Tax: €3.65

Dolopia Cotton Honey 450gr

Honey with a very mild flavor and a mild smell.

€7.07 Ex Tax: €5.70

VRΟSIS Spread Tahini With Cranberries 220 g

Tahini with Cranberries! The tahini in combination with this fantastic sweet and sour fruit makes this combination amazing!

€8.11 Ex Tax: €6.54

Amvrosia Gourmet Black Olive spread 200gr

The black blessed fruit in a pate that you can enjoy in many ways, as a dip, a spread, as an accompaniment.

€2.07 Ex Tax: €1.67

VRΟSIS Spread Tahini With Goji Berry And Orange 220 g

100% Natural Tahini with Goji Berries and orange.

100% handmade spread

€5.84 Ex Tax: €4.71

Dolopia Sweet eggplant with almond & barley 400g

Unique spoon sweet, with aubergine, almond & spring bar.

€4.90 Ex Tax: €3.95

Dolopia Spoon Sweet Cherry Almond 280 g

The cherry meets the healing almond! A wonderful spoonful of traditional flavor!

€4.71 Ex Tax: €3.80

Dolopia Spoon Sweet Walnut with Clove 280 g

Tender Mayan nuts are cooked patiently in sugar and lemon syrup, flavored with cloves!

€5.64 Ex Tax: €4.55

DOLOPIA Extra Apricot Jam with Orange and Mint 280 g

The sweetness of the ripe apricot is combined with the mild coolness of the orange and the freshness of the mint.

€4.43 Ex Tax: €3.57

DOLOPIA Extra Cherry Jam with Citrus Extract 280g

Marmalade from ripe, sour cherries acquires a distinctive coolness and freshness with the citrus extract.

€4.43 Ex Tax: €3.57

DOLOPIA Cherry Jam with lemon 280g

The sweetness of the cherry, meets the "lemonade" flavor of the lemon, to create a jam ... that you will not easily find, but fall in love with the first bite!

€3.76 Ex Tax: €3.03

DOLOPIA Extra Lemon jam with olive oil

Slightly tender, but intensely aromatic!

€4.43 Ex Tax: €3.57

BERRYLAND Marmalade Aronia & Strawberry 360g

Jam with aronia, & strawberry.

Highly delicious, fruity & nutritious jam whose taste & quality reminds us of Mammedic creations!

€5.65 Ex Tax: €4.56

BERRYLAND Underwater Vanilla & Berries 250g

It combines our traditional "underwater" vanilla with the exquisite taste and miraculous qualities of Myrtilo.

€5.18 Ex Tax: €4.18

BERRYLAND Underwater Vanilla With Aronia, Pink pepper and mint 250 gr

An exclusively Greek product, our traditional Vanilla, combines perfectly with the beneficial superfoods!

€6.58 Ex Tax: €5.31

DOLOPIA Orange Marmalade 280 gr

From juicy oranges in Laconia a jam that impresses with its strong aroma and explosive taste!

€4.43 Ex Tax: €3.57

DOLOPIA Chocolate Orange Marmalade 280 gr

Laconian aromatic oranges boiled and combined with chocolate to create a delicious jam!

€3.77 Ex Tax: €3.04

BERRYLAND Sun Tomatoes With Gotzi Berry & Capar In Olive Oil 270g

Great tasty combination of sun-dried tomatoes, goji berry, & capers, in olive oil !!!

€5.37 Ex Tax: €4.33

BERRYLAND Pickled Goji Berry 120g

Only with fresh & carefully selected fruits ... !! Delicious delicacies that kindly pinch the palate.

€5.64 Ex Tax: €4.55

BERRYLAND Tomato Sauce With Goji Berry 370g

A unique tasty combination that will take our every dish ... !!!


€6.13 Ex Tax: €4.94

Dolopia Extra Peach Marmalade With pelargonium 280gr

A classic Greek jam is combined with a Greek element too: pelargonium.

€3.76 Ex Tax: €3.03

Dolopia Extra shaguin jam with bergamot 280gr

The saguin in combination with bergamot gives a burst of flavor and a strong aromatic jam.

€4.24 Ex Tax: €3.42

Dolopia Extra Plum Jam with Cinnamon 400gr

A winter jam made of fleshy, juicy plums flavored with cinnamon.

€3.76 Ex Tax: €3.03

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